Are you worried that your son or daughter is in an unsuitable relationship?

Do you think that love is blinding your child into a relationship with someone incompatible?

We are working on a new TV series that is talking about social change?   We are interested in talking to parents and couples who have different ideas about what is and isn't a suitable relationship.   

Do you want you children to settle down with someone from a similar background and culture as you?   Are you aware that marriage is a long game and differences in religious views or cultural backgrounds can have a significant effect on a couple.

If you are trying to find the words to voice your concerns, or have already made your worries heard, we are interested in hearing about your situation.   Your information will be confidential, but we hope it might lead us to feature you in this brand new and exciting TV series.   

To contact us, please fill out the contact form below and our researchers will call you back.

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