Have you fallen in love across the class divide?

Are you putting off getting engaged because you are worried about how your family or loved ones will react?

Photo by bogdankosanovic/iStock / Getty Images

We are looking to talk to couples who are thinking about getting engaged but sense that they still need to win their family's support for their partner.  Are you determined to prove to your loved ones that you and your partner are right together?   Is your dream for your partner to be accepted into your family?

We are looking to talk to couples where the traditional class divide is an issue for your family and loved ones.    Is your partner posh, but you grow up in a working class family?   Or are you from a traditionally posh family but not remotely bothered about where your partner went to school.  Is it your parents that have hang ups about the background of you and your partner?

If your relationship is causing an issue in your family, please contact us and tell us your story.   Your information will be confidential, but we hope it might lead us to feature you in this brand new and exciting TV series.

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