Are you like Big Brother's Imran and Sukhvinder?

Have you seen the new series of Big Brother?   There is a married couple in the house who have their own Romeo and Juliet story.    Imran is Muslim and Sukhvinder is Sikh and they married secretly when they were just 17 because their families were so opposed to their relationship! 

Are you an unmarried Muslim/Sikh couple that would be interested in telling your love story on a new Television series?   Love Against the Odds is looking to talk to couples whose families' don't support their relationship.  

We are looking to work with couples on the journey of fighting prejudice and working towards a happy marriage.  If you are a  Muslim/Sikh couple who are  thinking about taking the big step of announcing an engagement or even getting married...we would love to hear your story.    Initial conversations will be confidential and remain so if you aren't able to get involved further.  

If, like Imran and Sukhvinder, you are a modern day Romeo and Juliet and  your families oppose your relationship, please contact us NOW through the contact form on this page.  Or call us on 020 3701 7342.